Philip Treacy: Millinery Magnificence

Charity events, launch parties & milestone celebrations, being a part of the social elite comes with its many duties. Trekking down red carpets & answering to camera flashes are a possibility. Rain or shine, you are there. But most importantly, having a well-equipped closet with elegant pieces is vital. Statement pieces, a must. First impressions may be the longest lasting, but the best dressed always become iconic.

And for the distinguished British & world socialites who attend notable soiree after soiree, they know one name has a guaranteed stamp of class- Philip Treacy. To call his artwork “hats,” would be a tragic understatement. These artistic creations of fashion opulence are in a stratosphere of their own.

He is a common name among the jet-set. Isabella Blow was his muse. Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, and the British Empire have all summoned him for his millinery talent. A master artist of unrivaled capacity, Philip Treacy’s imagination has no boundaries. He is the unique finishing touch to a lady’s femininity. This is one wardrobe investment well-worth it; worth every single second of respected attention. | Giuseppe


Philip Treacy Philip Treacy Philip Treacy



Philip Treacy Philip Treacy Philip Treacy





Philip Treacy Philip Treacy Philip Treacy







pictures courtesy Philip Treacy

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