The “Art” of a Beautiful Coffee

If intelligence was a religion, museums would be the grand cathedrals. These are the sacred places where a sapiosexual’s pilgrimage ends, harbors of a city’s history and lifestyle, an ensemble of knowledge. There, they congregate in the naves paying respect to brushstrokes and color palettes, standing in silence and admiring, comprehending what is unveiled. And cafés, which are crucial to the experience, are the pews where the religious rest and soak in their surroundings. Espresso is the holy water. | Giuseppe


Below, several exquisite museum cafés:


fashion class & jet lag | café & artCafé im Kunsthistorischen Museum | Vienna, Austria

Nestled in the cavernous and staggering cupola of the Kunsthistorische Museum, the café is the crown jewel. The décor in elegant black and white has accents of crimson that resemble scattered rubies. The views are incredible and one’s whispers are lost among the marble.



fashion class & jet lag | café & artCafé Glyptoteket | Copenhagen, Denmark

Part the foliage of the indoor Winter Garden at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek and there one will find partially hidden on an elevated platform the café. Adjacent to the museum shop and giving the sensation of society being reborn in the midst of the jungle, it’s a stop that can’t be missed when visiting Copenhagen.



fashion class & jet lag | café & artCaffè Storico | New York, NY

Anchoring the New-York Historical Society in rows of snow white dinnerware and kernels of yellow, the café gives an international flair to the local museum. Just as its name implies, it has a glimpse into the history of one of the world’s greatest cities.

Photographs courtesy, Vegan Tea Room, New-York Historical Society

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