From The Atelier of Jewelry Designer Rodrigo Otazu

As a designer, I see things from a very particular point of view. Istanbul stole my heart: the lights, the colors- the mix of the 2 from where I stood at a certain point and how they reflected off of and danced in the air were so impeccable, powerful, and perfect. This gave a reason for my soul to fly as well as let my imagination fly.

Rodrigo Otazu: Istanbul

I’m always looking for shapes, new colors, and a fresh look into life. And that’s what Istanbul was to me- a tribute to the magic of life and the little child within me. The city was another example of what an amazing world we live in, which we should all be respecting and looking after. Adorned with yellow gold and diamonds, the Voice ring is in your name with the soul of Istanbul: a mix of faith, beauty, and history.

What better way to celebrate creativity than giving ladies a piece of a place that I call home in my heart? When I design a piece, I always have in mind that it will bring joy to people and that is probably why for this piece, I went to that one intimate place in my soul- Argentina.

Rodrigo Otazu: Argentina

I was born in Argentina and the style of my country’s traditional clothing is to have these amazing collections of coins and metal pieces that represent luck and fortune. And from this, I mixed tradition with today’s lady, the twist of classic and modern… The butterflies are a sign of love. | Rodrigo Otazu



Photo Album | Istanbul

Rodrigo Otazu: Istanbul

Rodrigo Otazu: Istanbul




Photo Album | Argentina

Rodrigo Otazu: Argentina

Rodrigo Otazu: Argentina



pictures courtesy Rodrigo Otazu

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