Scenes Of A Rustic Summer

Seasonal scents of jasmine and honeysuckle invade the air. The sun unravels its rays over scenes of cobblestones and faded wrought iron gates. And while fireflies take to the black cashmere sky, nightly warm breezes accompany and push laughter wafting from festivities even further across the panorama. And in those countryside estates or villas in the rolling hills surrounded by vineyards or citrus trees, there’s a sense of elegance in the antiquated, in the rustic.

Summer is the season that shortens distances between friends and family, the time of the year where we make new connections and reconnect with those we’ve lost touch with during the colder days. And in contrast to the winter freeze and months of thought-provoking hibernation, the summer heat is an invitation to social interaction… To let the mind be free and enjoy the weightlessness of more simpler days. Glasses of evening champagne. Foreign travel, outside dinner parties & visits from those afar are just a few on the list. It almost seems as if there’s magic in the air, a rekindling of spiritual fire, especially as the sun retires from its daily throne in sky. And truth be told, nothing says it like a summer sunset. | Giuseppe

Scents of Italy Soap Bars via NudoWith all of its products highlighting the importance of olive oil in a healthy lifestyle, Nudo from Italy has created handmade soaps with the green gold elixir as well as various other organic ingredients. Pairing notes such as rose and shea butter or myrtle and red grape, the bars embody summer for when entertaining guests or personal use. After restoring an abandoned 21-acre olive grove in Italy’s region of Le Marche, duo Jason Gibb and Cathy Rogers established Nudo. Another interesting option? Being able to adopt one of their olive trees for a year and receiving the fresh extra virgin olive oil straight from your own tree. | $9.49 per bar



Ruan Hoffman Tile Collection via Clé

Dubbing them as “Postcards From Myself,” South African artist Ruan Hoffmann has partnered up with artistic tile maker Clé to create a colorful series of cement tiles. Inspiration derives from past travels, lovers & favorite places. The tiles are whimsical memories for decorative purposes, which were initially painted on stock card as postcards and then transferred. | $26.95 per square foot


Personalized Schumacher Deco Flower via Dempsey & CarrollA handwritten invitation on personalized stationary is incomparable when it comes to welcoming guests to your home regardless of the occasion. Iconic stationary empire Dempsey & Carroll has partnered up with world-renowned fabric house F. Schumacher & Co. to create the Deco Flower collection, a print of theirs originating from the 1930s. It’s the marriage of 2 historic names, of timeless fabrics and personal paper wardrobes. Classic vibrant colors accentuate the delicate floral designs blooming throughout, all boldly stating the taste of a bon vivant. | A set of 100 for $1,305 



Casa Olivi

Tucked in the breathtaking hills of Treia, Italy after a 4-year renovation from Swiss architects Markus Wespi and Jerome de Meuron, Casa Olivi is rustic confection that unites yesteryear with contemporary. A rustic form of minimalism. With 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, the villa can accommodate up to 11 people. And whether you want to lounge by the artistic pool, indulge in a wine tasting or have an authentic dinner cooked by local cook Gianna, this is the retreat worth writing a postcard from. | Starting at $6,500 per week

Casa Olivi




pictures via respective brands

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  1. Rita says:

    The pics are fantastic and so glamorous, I´d love to visit these places

  2. Tonya says:

    Thanks for highlighting the villa. With villa rentals and private homes a popular trend, this is just the place I want to visit when I travel to Italy. Curious if you’ve been to this or others in the area and if you have a favorite tour you would combine with it?

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