Brushstrokes: Artist Jean-Georges Béraud

Renowned for his visual preservation of Paris’ decadent Belle Époque era, artist Jean-George Béraud captured the daily life of the bon vivant. Fashion, elegance & class, no detail was forgotten. Below are several of his exquisite masterpieces, depicting not only the extravagances of the affluent but as well as the ‘perfection’ of a more simpler life with La Brasserie. | Giuseppe 


La Pâtisserie Gloppe au Champs-Élysées | Jean-Georges Béraud, 1889

La Pâtisserie Gloppe au Champs-Élysées

Year | 1889

Media | Oil on canvas

LocationMusée Carnavalet



In the Wings at the Opera House | Jean-Georges Béraud, 1889

Les Coulisses de l’Opéra

Year | 1889

Media | Oil on wood

Location | Musée Carnavalet



La Brasserie | Jean-Georges Béraud, 1883

La Brasserie

Year | 1883

Media | Oil on canvas

Location | Private collection



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