Exchanging Words With Shoe Designer Max Kibardin, Creative Director of Bruno Magli

From Siberia to Moscow to Paris and now Milan, shoe master Max Kibardin doesn’t believe in slowing down. Designing what ladies can’t seem to get enough of, Mr. Kibardin believes in fueling their insatiable desire for shoes. Creative director of his eponymous brand as well as famed Italian shoe house Bruno Magli, he has the full spectrum covered- from artistic contemporary to traditional classic. Something for everyone. And yes, he designs for gentlemen as well. | Giuseppe

Max Kibardin

Max Kibardin Collection

FC&JL | What is one shoe style every lady should have in her closet?

MK: Every woman must have the perfect pump in her closet, the one with the right proportions. This is the biggest challenge for any designer.


FC&JL | Is there a difference between your eponymous brand & Bruno Magli? And if so, what distinguishes the two?

MK: For sure there is a difference. One is a traditional Italian brand with its heritage needed to be transmitted to its collections, something to be inspired by. My brand surely has a more fashionable mark, shock-chic. It’s a continuous challenge aimed to surprise.


FC&JL | You’re known for your exotic materials in your shoe collections, what can we expect for next season?

MK: Stay tuned… Jokes aside, unexpected matches like python leather and satin.


FC&JL | Standing in a crowded piazza & looking around, what do you think of today’s shoe panorama?

MK: We should return to a more rigour, classical style and elegance. Today’s shoe panorama is quite confused.


FC&JL | Congratulations on recently being nominated as a Fashion Group International Rising Star Award finalist. If you could collaborate with anyone on a collection, who would you pick? Why?

MK: Thank you. Among the contemporary artists I would surely pick Cindy Sherman: her works are a continuous research, a continuous discovery of the new inspiration.


FC&JL | Can you give any shoe advice for men?

MK: I think men should dare a little more… 


FC&JL | Is there a pair of shoes or collection that you designed that particularly stands out in your mind? Does it have a special story?

MK: Every project is important to me, which is bound to a story that I want to tell. Therefore, I can’t decide which one to choose, it’s impossible.


FC&JL | Where is one place that you’ve visited that has inspired you tremendously?

MK: Tokyo for sure, one of my latest trips. For the people and the energy… The great innovation of the city.


FC&JL | What are 3 things that you always pack in your carry-on?

MK: iPad, Blackberry, and my favorite playlist.


FC&JL | If you could take a vacation with anyone, who are 3 other people that you would take? Where would you go?

MK: 3 people… 3 people… Well, I would expect to go to a hypermodern city to be inspired by, not for my collections only, but for a lifestyle.


FC&JL | What’s a perfect weekend for Max Kibardin?

MK: With my family. Simple as that.


FC&JL | What is one thing you’d like to accomplish in 2013?

MK: I have many projects, but… I prefer not to tell just to avoid bad luck!



Bruno Magli


Bruno Magli Collection


Bruno Magli

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  1. sonia milano says:

    Indeed shoes are the prime accessory I believe it makes the outfit. Can’t wait to see his collection next time in nyc, great interview Giuseppe.

  2. web hosting says:

    Enjoyed looking through this, extremely great stuff, thanks . “Shared joys make a friend, not shared sufferings.” by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

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